Message from Vice-Chancellor, UET Lahore

*Request for Zakat Fund Raising for Needy Students at UET Lahore*

Assalaam o Aleikum,

Dear UET Lahore Alumni,

I hope and pray that this finds you and your families in good health in sha Allah. This is a long message and I request you to kindly bear with me.

I reached out to you last year, my first as Vice Chancellor at our alma mater, to inform you that UET Lahore was going through serious financial crises and requested you to help support the needy students at the university by contributing to UET Zakat Fund. A number of you donated generously for which my administration and I remain grateful to you. Through this message, I request you to continue to support the cause of supporting the financially stressed students of our alma mater.

First, let me give you a brief on the contributions made to the UET Zakat Fund during the 2020-21 campaign, almost exclusively by you, our alumni. Some statistics on the contributions and expenditure of the collected funds as well the process followed to identify needy students are given below. A total of 202 transactions were made by 197 contributors into the UET Zakat Fund between May 6, 2020, to March 19, 2021. The total amount collected was Rs 16.413 million. This included around 2 million contributed by a group of around 20 alumni of 89-Civil. Average contribution per transaction came out around Rs 80000. Individual contributions ranged from Rs 100 to Rs 4.032 million.

Rs 16 million of these funds were used to pay 50% and 100% tuition fees of around 1000 students of second, third, and fourth year (fifth year Architecture) students for Fall 2020. The need assessment of these students was carried out by individual academic departments based on a student family income, residence (owned, rented, covered area, rent, etc.), amount of monthly utility bills, etc. The lists provided by the departments were pruned by a committee under university office of Director Financial Aid and Career Services.

Here is the university policy for disbursement of financial aid to its needy students:

  1.  Need-based financial aid is meant only for undergraduate students.
  2.  A deserving orphan student receives 100% tuition fee concession as financial aid.
  3.  A deserving non-orphan receives up to 50% tuition fee concession.

There are several sources of financial aid for needy students at UET, but primary sources are federal government Ehsaas Program, HEC need-based scholarships, and need-based financial aid through university own funds. On the one hand, Ehsaas Program has made considerable contribution to help needy students at the university. On the other hand, HEC has cut funds for need-based scholarships by almost 22% from Rs 100.964 million in 2019-20 to 78.80 million in 2020-21. It seems that this trend would continue during the 2021-22 financial year. Thus, university has to rely on private donations and its own sources to ensure that no student leaves UET due to financial hardship.

During the 2020-21 financial year, the university gave need based financial aid to 1384 students during Fall 2020 and 1483 during Spring 2021 through its own sources including UET Zakat Fund. The total financial support amounted to Rs 50.56 million. For the academic year 2021-22, the university does not intend to change tuition fee (excluding other dues) that currently stands at Rs 40320/- per semester.

Here are the details of UET Zakat Fund account:

Title: Zakat Fund Account

Account No.: 01280035900301

Bank Name: Habib Bank Ltd.

Branch:   UET Branch, G.T. Road, Lahore, Pakistan

The following are IBAN and Swift Code for the UET Zakat Fund account:

IBAN: Pk13 HABB 0001 2800 3590 0301

Swift Code: HABB PK KA 128

Thanks to the help and guidance of one of our 75-Electrical alumnus, UET has registered with I-care Foundation as a non-profit entity. Residents of USA can make tax deductible contributions to UET Zakat Fund. I-care charges 5% fee for such contributions. You can make donations through I-care by using the following URL/link:

Note: The I-care Foundation offer is only for the residents of the USA.

Thank you for spending the time to read this message. I request you to donate generously to UET Zakat Fund and help raise funds for the needy students at our alma mater whose number continues to rise considerably because of financial hardship due to COVID-19. Please share with friends and relations who may like to donate for the noble cause.

After you have completed the transaction to transfer funds, kindly email me at [email protected] with your full name, batch at UET, and amount transferred so I could personally thank you after the money gets transferred. Kindly also copy UET Treasurer & Alumni Office on your email at [email protected], [email protected]

I remain grateful to you for what you do for the UET. May Allah SWT enhance your Rizq.

Profound regards,

Syed Mansoor Sarwar

Vice Chancellor

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For Students Scholarship & Contributions


  • Account Title: UET Lahore Alumni Fund
  • A/C No # 01287903038101
  • IBAN # PK27 HABB0001287903038101
  • Swift Code: HABBPKKA
  • Bank Name: Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • Branch: UET Branch, G.T Road, Lahore, Pakistan

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  • Account Title: UET Zakat Fund Account
  • A/C No # 01280035900301
  • IBAN # PK13 HABB0001280035900301
  • Swift Code: HABBPKKA
  • Bank Name: Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  • Branch: UET Branch, G.T Road, Lahore, Pakistan


  • SSC (boys), 1st Floor (BIC), Alumni Office, UET Lahore.