University of Engineering and Technology is proud of intaking the best students of the Country and also rendering the unsurpassed Graduates, THE UETIANS. Our Ex-Students feel proud?to identify themselves as alumni of the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. They are using their skills, ingenuity and vision for the betterment of society. 50 years of past, in all over the world, various fields of technology, engineering, social sciences and management has acknowledged the work, achievements and capabilities of our Graduates. The University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore aims to maintain associations with former students who want to stay involved with, or support, their Institution. Alumni section on our website will help the Ex-graduates to keep in touch with their fellow alumni and keep them informed about what?s happening here at the University.

Advocacy – Fully support UET and advance its mission of conducting teaching and research that is internationally relevant, financially affordable and has a direct bearing on country’s industrial, technological and economic development. Education – Create and disseminate knowledge relating to engineering and technology. Community – Connect and collaborate between UET students, alumni, and professionals in the field of engineering.

The UET Lahore Alumni Association builds collaborative relationships between alumni and current students, while contributing to the scientific development and education in the field of engineering. We provide alumni with a network to pursue their social and professional goals, mentor students, and provide assistance to the UET and its students in meeting their academic and professional goals and to provide educational and material help to UET and bring it to the international standards.

The UET Lahore Alumni Association will become a vital organization to the UET through connectivity, mentorship and advocacy. We will extend the educational experience at UET beyond graduation through professional and social collaborations. And make UET Lahore AA as an ultimate resource center for the UET in meeting its technological needs.

UET Alumni Office plan to offer following benefits to its registered Alumni to make their involvement more effective and feel them at home. To get the benefit from the following, the alumni have to register with the UET Alumni Office.
1. Alumni Membership Card
Registered Alumni will get “UET Alumni Card “for identification and to get the benefits from the UET. Standard Service charges will be applicable to the Alumni as well.
2. Library Membership
The Alumni may get the full membership of UET library by depositing a security amount to library. UET alumni card will be used as library card.
3. Sport and Gym Membership
Alumni may enjoy all sports and gym facilities at the University as current students enjoy.
4. Reserved seats for admission
It is proposed that the reserved seats for admission may also offer to the registered Alumni. UET merit shall prevail among Alumni sons.
5. Availability of guest house for Alumni
Registered Alumni can book guest house facilities for themselves and their families only. The rooms shall be booked on Alumni card with the deposit appropriate Security.
6. Alumni lounge at students Service Center
A Separate lounge specifically for the Alumni will be at Student Service Center. The Alumni lounge will have an attendant for the Alumni facility the Alumni on their arrival, so that Alumni will have a comfortable place and environment to meet their fellow alumni and have chit chat/meeting. The facility will be available to registered alumni by prior telephonic booking.

To affectively engaging UET Alumni resource in the betterment of the institution, UET Alumni office plans following activities.

1.A massive and affective membership drive using Social media, Press, Direct contacts, Student database Departments data
Alumni office has been working on it and will take this factor to its peak sooner. There is a web portal available for all alumni registration and they can get all kind of information. And similarly, there will be social media networks too. There will be a network of all past alumni online and they can get all related information online.

2.Establishment of an Alumni Lounge at Student Service Center (SSC)
SSC (Student Service Centre) already has a hall which is for Alumni. This hall can be used as Alumni lounge, that hall need some improvements. we want betterment and proper furnishing of that hall, that it can be utilized at its best. For its betterment, we need attendant and renovation for the lounge. The attendant will also work for Alumni office and when Alumni come in Alumni lounge for any activity, the attendant will be there to facilitate them.

3.Establishment of an Alumni Souvenir shop/Corner
Alumni should be welcomed and treated in a very respectful way for it, we should develop a souvenir shop, which should contain items like UET logo shirts, cups, key chains, pen, magazines etc. which will remind them their memorial time in university. They will be glad to buy them. We want that Alumni Souvenir shop/Corner develop in SSC.

4.Fund raising campaign for student Scholarship/Endorsement fund
There are only a few scholarships from past Alumni (83 Alumni and 84 Alumni scholarships)
which are for specific departments. We are in the process of registering our notable Alumni that should provide more scholarships to students. Either they will provide students directly or will give this responsibility to university scholarships section or alumni office. The mode of payment is very convenient and easy. They can give us by Pay order, demand draft, online payment, UET Alumni Fund account (A/c 01287000165003).

5.Fund raising campaign for UET Departmental projects
UET notable alumni can also give the fund for their departments. They can give the fund for their departmental renovation. They can also give the fund for class room decoration. they can provide funds in form of betterment of departments activities.

6.Engaging Alumni in seminars for students/Faculty
The notable Alumni are invited for the university/departmental seminars that students/faculty will be inspired and motivated to see them. they will continue be coming to seminars and motivating students for betterment of their future.

7.Updating Alumni web portal
Alumni office is working on the web and will take this factor to its peak. we want some attractive look of that web portal in a way that web portal will contain university activates which will remind alumni of their moments in university and will make it a complete well organized and manageable portal.



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