Inauguration ceremony of renovated Umar Hall

The renovation of the old building of Umar Hall on the main campus of UET Lahore has been completed. The renovation cost of the building was 20 million. All the expenses were borne by UET Alumni and UET Alumni Trust Body. Vice-Chancellor UET Lahore Prof. Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar, Chairman Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Chairman LESCO, Mian Misbah-ur-Rehman, Prof. Dr. Aziz Akbar, all chairman of the departments, Deans, and all the donors of Umar Hall participated in the event.
In the inaugural ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor thanked the UET Alumni and Alumni Trust body, while the efforts of Dr. Aziz Akbar, the soul of the Alumni Trust, and former vice-chancellor UET were also paid tribute. The progress and financial report of Umar Hall were presented at the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, souvenirs were presented to the donor’s Alumni for their cooperation in the renovation of the hostel. In the end, traditional hostel mess lunch was served for the guests.
After lunch, UET alumni and Trust members planted memorial plants outside Umar Hall. The Alumni showed much enthusiasm in taking up the work of renovating the century-old Main Block and Annexe Block (originally Sikh National College).