UET Alumni of Sixtys visits UET Lahore

Ex- UETians are a big asset not only for University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore but also for the country as well. We cannot forget their services till the last breath. It was expressed by Vice Chancellor UET Lahore prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid while his meeting with a delegation comprised on the ex-students of the university of the 1960s at UET Lahore. He said that it is the tradition of UET that we place our graduates at high rank and respect their contribution to institution and country. In this connection UET Lahore provides a mega platform to ex-students to share their time period and campus, professional experiences and visionary suggestions with their fellows, teachers and the new generation to bring varsity at modern lines of progress. This approach will absolutely helpful to stabilize the institute. Keeping in view these Ex-UETians have been performing not only in Pakistan but abroad as well since many decades. Ijaz Ali Khan, Abdul Aziz Chaudhary, Nadeem Qureshi, Rana Asif, Abdul Sheikh, Anwar Saleem, Iftikhar Khan, Dr. M. Kaleem Ullah, Zia ud Din Mian and Amjad Chaudhary were included in the delegation. They showed their gratitude and expressed their confidence in present administration for the development of UET. The meeting was concluded with the exchange of crests between Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Fazal Ahmad Khali and delegate of ex-students of UET Lahore.